…transforming lives with inks and voices


Brilliant Entrepreneurs and Writers Academy (BEWA) is a community for writers, authors, entrepreneurs and professionals from all walks of life. We celebrate writers and thought leaders who are contributing their quota in their different industries.

BEWA is for intending authors who want to master the art of writing and publish their dream books through profitable systems. BEWA is for authors who want to explore online publishing and build a solid brand via published assets. BEWA is for entrepreneurs who need the right skills, strategies and mechanisms to run successful online/offline businesses and multiply their income. Our Facebook Community (of over 11,000 members) is serving this purpose.

BEWA Africa is on a mission to transform lives with inks and voices. Our mission at BEWA is to:

– develop a reading and writing culture in Africa and beyond.

– organise life-changing conferences in Africa and beyond

– give scholarships and cash prizes to passionate writers in Africa

– raise brilliant authors and writers worldwide

We also have a world-class book club (BEWA BOOK CLUB AFRICA) where books are reviewed and discussed. At our meetings, we engage in intelligent conversations that inspire attendees to be the best version of themselves as we learn, unlearn and relearn.