Nkem Offonabo

Certified HR Practitioner, CEO, The Work-Life Organisation


Eno Sam is one brilliant personality I met on social media due to the value she is and the value she gives out. I started following her years before I sent her a direct message on Facebook in 2018, asking her to guide me on my book writing. The journey started officially in 2019 as we mutually agreed to begin the book project. I totally enjoyed working with her in birthing my bestselling book titled THE HARMONISED LIFE which has recorded massive orders by organizations and professionals.

Thank you for your professionalism. I celebrate you, Brilliant Coach Eno Sam.


Ody Adede Agbor

Nigerian Lecturer & Certified Marriage Coach (TIMFA), USA

I have worked with Eno Sam on three different books and I will gladly work with her again. For every project, she wasn’t just my book project consultant but my accountability partner as well, constantly checking up on me to monitor my progress. Through it all, every step of the way, she was there to offer constructive criticism and suggestions. I tell people that, you can get someone to work with you for the first time but getting them to keep coming back means you must be doing something excellently well. Thank you, super coach and chief editor for making each journey of working with you a pleasant one. Brilliant books really stand out and I’m glad to birth brilliant books that have recorded massive sales. Eno’s usual effect is still felt by readers of my books. The only complaint is that they can’t drop the book once they start reading it. It feels really good working with Brilliant Entrepreneurs and Writers Academy (BEWA).


Engr Ofonmbuk Ubokudom

International Consultant

Thanks to BEWA and the wonderful Eno Sam for the motivation to make my book dream come true. I have received many testimonials from buyers already praying for me because of how inspiring my book is. I also received testimonials from attendees of the book launch who were inspired by the panel session anchored by Eno. Having spoken to thousands of people nationally and internationally, becoming a published author was my next big goal. Eno Sam brought in her expertise and made this project happen successfully. Her motivation and encouragement triggered the entire process. I recommend her book project consultancy services. She makes the journey very easy.