Hi there!
My name is Eno Sam.
And I am the Lead Trainer of The 7-Figure Author Academy (T7FAA).

THE 7-FIGURE AUTHOR ACADEMY is an intellectual virtual home for anything writing, business, and publishing.

T7FAA Is an Exclusive Learning Extension of Brilliant Entrepreneurs and Writers Academy (BEWA). I’ve had a great experience consulting and coaching career professionals, CEOs, and newbies, one-on-one on their book projects. So, I thought of sharing my wealth of knowledge in other capacities for your learning pleasure.

T7FAA is not like other online courses that you take on a website and go back without having a deep connection with the trainer. We’ve structured the training in a way that helps you feel at home as learning becomes fun for you. There is room for asking your disturbing questions and getting answers.

T7FAA is not for everyone. It’s only for YOU if you want to skip trial and error and get your writing career and publishing journey right. From how to develop your writing skills, to how to create content that sells, to how to earn from your writing skills, to how to sell online, to how to launch & publish your book profitably, to how to create/grow/monetise your Facebook Group to boost your business income and sales, to how to earn more money using strategy calls, to the A-Z of Authors’ Business, to the secrets of profitable thought leadership, and lots more; you get practical lectures on how to multiply your income and earn 7 figures in revenue as an author.

I want to help you get the clarity you need on this journey and develop other relevant skills so that you don’t make mistakes like others.

Like I always say, the difference between where you are and where you ought to be is the information you don’t have.

BEWAnians get discounted prices on all the training sessions on T7FAA. This means that if you are a member of the BEWA Facebook Community, you will get onboard the different training sessions on T7FAA at a discounted price while outsiders will pay the original price of each class. If you want to access this BEWAnian discount, join our Facebook Community here: Brilliant Entrepreneurs and Writers Academy
If you prefer to pay the original price as a non-BEWAnian, still fine😊

T7FAA is a Paid Exclusive Extension of BEWA. While Group Membership of BEWA is free for all, T7FAA is on a higher level of intellectual exposure to practical mentorship and training for only serious people who are committed to crushing their writing and publishing goals profitably.

Will you let this golden opportunity pass you by? You too can become a millionaire as an author and also expand your knowledge on new ideas. Do something new for your career and business in preparation for productive and profitable authorship.

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